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    How do you watch Blade Runner 2049s on Blade Runner 2049 reel? Didn’t get the reference? The A.V. Club is here to help, picking apart the network watch Blade Runner 2049 of literary references and allusions that make up the ambitious alternate-future reality of Blade Runner 2049. The cyberpunk novelist William Gibson once praised the original Blade Runner’s intoxicating mix of quotations and designs as “a lyrical sort of information sickness”; while the sequel never escapes the original’s long shadow, it’s a fascinating film in its own right.

    https://itbladerunner2049full.com/ Now that the record-setting National Day holiday is wrapped in China, several Hollywood titles are lined up for their go at spinning turnstiles there. Blade Runner 2049 has been moved up from its previously scheduled November 10 date to October 27. This is a potentially key play for the critically praised film which has grossed about $50M to date in its offshore territories. Korea, a major hub, opens tomorrow on the Denis Villeneuve-helmed sci-fi sequel, which is released overseas by Sony. It’s understood that marketing and activations were swiftly moved to coincide with the new Chinese date.

    Also importantly, Warner Bros/DC’s Justice League is going on November 17. That sets it day-and-date with the rest of the world, outside Japan, and is a nice coup for the film. The last two DC titles to head to the Middle Kingdom, Wonder Woman and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, grossed $90.5M and $95.8M, respectively there.

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